“Plato imagined a world run by philosopher-kings, but Republican judge Evelyn Keyes is the closest that Houston gets."
- Houston Chronicle
The Harris County Courthouse in Houston - where the First Court of Appeals meets.

Justice Evelyn Keyes was appointed to the First Court of Appeals by Governor Rick Perry in May 2002 after fourteen years of complex civil litigation practice as an associate and partner at Clements, O’Neill, Pierce & Nickens, LLP and its predecessor firm and as a Special Assistant Attorney General under Attorney General John Cornyn. She was elected to Place 4 in November 2002 and re-elected to full six-year terms in 2004 and 2010. As a justice, she has authored more than 1700 opinions in civil, criminal, family, and probate law. The third most senior judge on the Court, Justice Keyes serves as Panel Chief of Panel C.